So, what’s with the tagline [“Knowledge” is realizing that a street is only one-way. “Wisdom” is looking in both directions anyway…]?

Well, in a philosophical sense, I guess it’s something I’ve learned over the years.

KutaIn a more practical sense, I guess it reminds me of trying to cross a busy one-way street in Kuta village, Bali some years back with my young children in hand and tow, looking for a break in the traffic to make a dash across the road. Then, only by good fortune, becoming aware in the nick of time that some ar*eholes were riding motorcycles, at speed, the wrong way up the street…

Anyway, what’s this website all about?  In a word – Travel!

The site was born through my past frustration in booking travel online – especially air tickets. I reside in a country where finding a decent ‘human’ travel agent is a rare find indeed. So, through necessity, I  prefer to book all my travel arrangements myself if possible.

There are a plethora of travel sites available to travellers who have a credit card with a “US billing address”. But since 90+% of the world’s population don’t, I established this site with the intention of providing some travel tips to non-US based travellers.

Consequently if you do live in the USA, you’ll probably not find a great deal of useful information here. But if you’re elsewhere in the world, the websites I mention here will probably be happy to assist in booking your travel plans, no matter where you live.

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