Fare Aggregator Update

Fare Aggregator Update

Originally posted 2009-08-20 15:32:27.

What is a “Fare Aggregator”?

If you’re not familiar with the term “Fare Aggregator”, it refers to a website which checks a number of other travel sites and sorts and displays the results from each. The website doesn’t actually handle your travel booking – the third party site does. Some examples I have referred to previously in posts are Amadeus and Momondo.

I have stumbled upon a new airfare aggregator named, somewhat curiously, Functravel. The site is evidently based in Norway and it claims to search an impressive 450+ airline and travel agency websites, including several of the sites I have recommended here in the past, such as Opodo and Openjet.

I have not tried booking a ticket via their site yet, so can’t at this stage give them a recommendation as such. However, since they are an aggregator and any booking will presumably therefore be handled by one of the third party sites (which includes airline websites and several major online travel agencies) certainly the site would appear to be worth a visit when you’re fare hunting: Functravel

In other news, I am also removing Mobissimo and WeGo from the recommended sites due to their poor recent performance. Fares returned from their sites were generally not competitively priced.

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