Visa on Arrival at Kathmandu Airport, Nepal

Visa on Arrival at Kathmandu Airport, Nepal

Originally posted 2019-03-20 12:21:30.

My experience with Visa on Arrival at Kathmandu Airport, Nepal (March 2019)

Obtaining a Visa on Arrival in Nepal is a somewhat complicated affair, but definitely doable. There are 3 things you need to do before you join the immigration queue:

1) If your airline did not issue you with an Arrival Card on board your flight, grab one from the counter on your left hand side when you first enter the terminal. (I flew in with Malaysian Airlines and they did not issue the cards on board). To expedite the visa process, I suggest you don’t stop and fill in the card there and then, but take it with you as there will be time enough to fill in the card while you’re waiting in the queues to come.

2) Join the queue for one of the computer touch-screen Visa Application machines. There are about a dozen of them lined up along the wall, again on your left, immediately after the Arrival card counter. The machines have passport readers built in to simplify the application process, but some of them don’t work and you’ll need to manually enter all your passport details. Note that you will also need the address of your hotel in Nepal, not just its name. When completed, the machine will issue you with a paper slip. And while you’re waiting for a machine, fill out your Arrival Card.

(I haven’t tried it, but I understand it’s possible to fill out the Visa Application online before you arrive, in which case there’ll be no need to queue at one of these machines. See )

3) Proceed further along and join the queue at the payment counter. Theoretically they will accept credit cards, but when I was there, the card machine wasn’t working, so it was cash only. They do accept most major currencies, but USD is the simplest so bring enough with you. The cost of the visa depends on how long you’ll be staying. See

You’re now ready to join the immigration queue! Good luck and enjoy Nepal.

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