There must literally be thousands of hotel booking websites on the Internet nowadays. However, unless I’m travelling to a really “off the beaten path” destination making hotel info online hard to find, there’s only one site I use to find the best hotel rates.

The reason is quite simple – this site checks over 30 of the major hotel wholesalers at once and displays their rates for comparison on one page:

Keeps this part of travel planning easy! 🙂

Researching Hotel Options

I rarely book through the following sites (due to their uncompetitive prices), but find them quite useful when travel planning to “new” destinations. They’re usually helpful in discovering good value, interesting and unique places to stay. Splendia has lots of nice pictures and Tripadvisor has heaps of guest reviews:

If you’re not on too tight a budget Tablet Hotels is also worthwhile browsing. They have an excellent selection of boutique and luxury properties in most parts of the world. If you are on a bit of a tight budget then I recommend you give Lonely Planet a try.

Failing all else, try these hotel booking sites:

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