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Fare Aggregator Update ?>

Fare Aggregator Update

What is a “Fare Aggregator”? If you’re not familiar with the term “Fare Aggregator”, it refers to a website which checks a number of other travel sites and sorts and displays the results from each. The website doesn’t actually handle your travel booking – the third party site does. Some examples I have referred to previously in posts are Amadeus and Momondo. I have stumbled upon a new airfare aggregator named, somewhat curiously, Functravel. The site is evidently based in…

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Comparison: ITA Matrix vs Momondo vs Opodo & more ?>

Comparison: ITA Matrix vs Momondo vs Opodo & more

Lets put some of the airfare search engines to the test. I’ll use 3 ‘test’ routes for this comparison: The first a straight-forward point-to-point economy class fare search on a route with direct flights. The second will be a more complicated routing with several connections required, also in economy class. The third will be a business class fare search which I’ll publish as a separate post. I will include the result from ITA Marix with each example, even though tickets…

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Which Airlines Fly To… ?>

Which Airlines Fly To…

One handy trick that may help find low cost and creative ways to visit a destination is to determine which airlines fly to a particular airport. The tool below will show you just that. Simply enter the destination in the “To:” field. The destination may be entered as an airport, a city, a country, or even “Everywhere” if you’re just looking for ideas. You can refine your search if need be by entering a specific airport, city, or country in…

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How to Find the Cheapest Airfare ?>

How to Find the Cheapest Airfare

When considering saving money on air travel, first of all you need to decide whether you’d prefer to fly with a Low Cost carrier (LCC) or with a “full service” airline. If you prefer an LCC, click here. For tips on finding the lowest fare with “full service” airlines, continue reading below. Step 1: I recommend visiting ITA’s Matrix. Once there, select a “Month Long” search, enter your departure and destination cities, enter the earliest date you’re likely to travel,…

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