Which Airlines Fly To…

Which Airlines Fly To…

Originally posted 2009-01-30 13:34:51.

One handy trick that may help find low cost and creative ways to visit a destination is to determine which airlines fly to a particular airport. The tool below will show you just that.

Simply enter the destination in the “To:” field. The destination may be entered as an airport, a city, a country, or even “Everywhere” if you’re just looking for ideas.

You can refine your search if need be by entering a specific airport, city, or country in the “From:” field as well.

The tool is provided by SkyScanner. It’s not always 100% accurate due to airlines changing their routes from time to time, but it’s useful for coming up with creative itineraries as I mentioned earlier. If you click on the “Show Flights” button, you’ll be taken to SkyScanner website where a fare search can be made.

I have found though that when it comes to prices, they don’t always return the lowest available fares, so I recommend you also use the other fare search tools I’ve discussed previously to help find the best deals.

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